Pilot Custom 74 demonstrator

Another gold-nibbed Pilot has joined the family and it is just as amazing as its dark blue counterpart. Pilot nibs are great and prove that you do not need to spend that much money to get into the gold-class. These pens can be had for under 100 dollars at your doorstep shipped from Japan, even including customs fees and taxes. This is a demonstrator transparent model. Granted, there is not much happening in a cartridge/converter FP and it looks a bit silly with the cartridge in it, so I will set this one up for a converter. As it is, there is almost enough room for an emergency cash bill in the clear plastic barrel 😉

Sanrenmu 7129 frame lock pocket dragon

The 7129 is a new all-stainless mini folder by Sanrenmu. I like the dragon laser engraving, quite fitting for a Chinese knife.

It is somewhat slimmer and lighter in weight compared to the “classic” 710, while having almost the same blade length. That blade is completely flat ground and made out of 12C27 Swedish steel.

The 7129 will arive at your doorstep for 7 dollars. It is amazing what you get for your money here.

My only gripe is that the blade detent is not working reliably. That could be a safety issue and so you should make sure that the pivot screw is kept somewhat tight.


Sanrenmu keychain folder WA611-A1

These are amazingly well made knives. 2.25 inch blades and 4.75 opened with droppoint blades made out of swedish 12C27 stainless steel, slightly hollow ground. I would not consider them primary knives, but they are the perfect size for your keychain or when opening your primary EDC folder to open a box might scare people around you. The backsprings are strong and so far I cannot make out any bladeplay. Photos show a Vic Classic and a Sanrenmu 710 for comparison. The WA611-A1 can be had for around 10 dollars including shipping and gets cheaper if you take some more for your friends or family. Good stuff.