Ka Bar Dozier Pink has arrived

Last week, i received a pair of very “cute” pink handled Ka-Bar dozier folders. I bought two identical ones as i like redundancy in perfection. They cost a little more in pink than the other available handle colors, as each one sold means a donation to a breast cancer awareness program. Here is it :

Anyway, these knives are a steal. They border on being “no big loss” when lost. I don´t see me with a luxury folder clipped to my pants pocket, out of the plain fear of loss or confiscation. No other folder offers more for your money in an edc format knife and they don´t have the “hump” on the back of the blade as most Spyderco knives. Street prices run below 20 dollars. They can be had with opening studs or with elongated holes in the blades. I have a black “hole” version, too. I am not sure which i like better. Either way, they are completely ambidextrous. As i am left handed, i surely appreciate that. They are made in Taiwan and all three that i own are perfectly made. No bladeplay, just very stiff pocketclips, which can easily be remedied with two pliers. AUS-8 is a good blade steel for everyday usage. I would prefer a flat ground blade instead of the hollow grind found here. Apart from that, there is nothing i would not like on this blade. They also make an enlarged and somewhat beefed up version. Here are some variants in my preferred size (3 inch blade length) for your consideration, every combo can be had :


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