Kydex sheaths for my Moras … finally!

I like Moras. Who doesn´t ? They cut like hell, are legal in most jurisdictions, you will not baby them, they are easily replaceable and don´t break the bank. And the knives as such don´t break too easily also, as this video confirms. I have several versions in different colors, generations and handle styles. But their sheaths suck. They are disposable and useless for southpaws. So i had Mr. Kiah of make me two ambidextrous kydex “holsters” for my favorite ones, the 780 triflex (2.5mm carbon steel blades) and the ever popular clipper (can be had in stainless or carbon). His sheaths are a work of art, perfectly fitting. One is of pancake design, the other is a foldover. Now my Mora “bushcrafters”  can ride in style at my side. Each sheath cost me less than 30 dollars including (!) postage from the US. Add a small TekLok for each and you are ready to go. Why spend so much on such a cheap knife (carbon Clippers can be had for under 9 euros) ? Because they are that good. The clipper sheath will work as a stick-in-the-waistband-sheath or as a neck-sheath, too. The design for the 780 (which is a “heavier” knife) works better clipped to the belt.


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