Hultafors GK “tough knife”

Following the positive “impact” that the orange handled Hultafors had on me, i was curios for the “steroid” model GK. It is just what it seemed to be from its description at A handle for a” real man” and a blade meant to take something and deliver … a digging and prying blade is nowadays considered to be a quarter of an inch thick. That is for people who like to look at their knives and dream about what they “could stand”. The GK is a more intelligently designd cutting tool, i.e. thin enough do cut something.

Thick as neccessary. But not more than is abolutely neccessary. Show me some “survival endtimes outdoor expert” with a 6-7 mm blade thickness backbone and i will probably show you someone who keeps his knives in a glass vault, prestine and free of scratches. Because … they are expensive, too πŸ˜‰

The GK handle is clearly bigger, longer and somewhat fatter compared to any of the other usual suspects, even the Mora 780. The japanese carbon steel blade is short and stout. 3mm thick. The grind is flat and shallow towards the tip end. This is not a scandinavian “no-edge” grind, but features a “final grind” towards the very edge. Like any other not-northern flat ground knife.

Talk about “tanto“. This is the idea in general, but then some. This blade does not imitate a japanese sword or anything else, the flat grind towards the tip is just a little more shallow and leaves more material for the tip to deal with rough tasks. A simple and realistic design feature that is strengthening the tip, often overlooked.

Take a hard look at the GK. These knives retail for around 10 Euros. You can always work grooves or lanyard holes in the handles, slim down the guard, have your leather or kydex sheath made up for it. This is one serious knife.

I wonder if Hultafors can be talked into a wider 7 inch blade at 4 mm thick…. thereby giving the tactical makers some competition πŸ˜‰ … i doubt it. They would just call it a Leuku.


2 thoughts on “Hultafors GK “tough knife””

  1. 7 inch 4 mm thick Hultafors?
    No man this is the perfect knife already.
    Who needs those long blades.
    Only wannabee Rambo’s do.

    Very well written article.
    Funny too.
    About the survival endtimes outdoor experts.
    It’s really like that these days.
    Those guys with their insane thick knives thinking that this,6-7 mm thickness is needed to withstand the apocalypse and all other childhood fantasies.

    They are better off with a couple of these Hultafors knives.
    Last a lifetime.
    Lose one and you still got another back up.And those prices are LOW as can be.

    1. i would not go beyond 5mm thickness, but when weapon utility is needed, 7 or even 8 inches can make a lot of sense. the human body dictates it and not a childhood fantasy.

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