Rough Rider Cowboy Knives

I have handled about a dozen of these over the years and they alaways struck me with their fine workmanship. Depending on the model, the backsprings can be quite weak (try before you buy!) and the steel is “only” a non-descript 440A, but honed to razor sharpness. I have seen Case and Camillus cowboy knives costing four times as much that were junk. The Rough Riders are well-made. Chinese Cowboys can have many dealers names on it, sometimes a defunct makers name with the intent to sell you a great tradition. I recommend the RRs, however. Teddy would probably not have used a made-in-china knife, but he is long gone and cannot object. The handles on my stockman and trapper are called “old yellow”. Hard to loose, easy to find. Most retail below 15 dollars. These knives are a steal. Period.


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