Opinel Knives …

… are probably the greatest value in folding knives that money can buy. Available in carbon or stainless steel and various sizes, these simplistic folders are “the real steal”. Some knife people don´t hold them in too high esteem as they look rather plain (they are!) and the blades are thin (they should be!). Frenchmen use these knives in the garden, at the picnic, in the field … and do not complain that the Opinels are cheap and do not have 0.25 inch spines. Like the Moras, these knives are almost expendable. No drawer queens and not MOLLE compatible.

I have accumulated only four of them over the years. I usually reshape the square ended wood grips to fit my hand better. The perfect model for most people is probably the Model 8 “gardening” (see below a clipping from the catalog) knife Model no. 133080 with its drop point blade (easy to open, even when the wood handle is soaked wet!), made out of easy-to-care-for stainless Sandvik steel, with the handle already “preshaped”. The Virobloc system makes all Opinels perfectly safe, on the newer models it also keeps the blades from opening in your pocket.


2 thoughts on “Opinel Knives …”

  1. I agree that the opinels are a great value! And classy knives as well. I am looking at the “my first knife” for my son.

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