“Happiness is a sharp tomahawk …”

… said none other than James Keating. I always regretted the sale of my American Tomahawk Company VTAC hawk. Recently, i was offered one for an unbeatable price and couldn´t resist. Welcome back, old friend. These are used by the US Army Stryker Brigade as entry and breaching tools.

The design of this hawk will not serve you as a general wood working tool well and they are not really meant to be weapons for today´s urban battlefield, though in a pinch they can surely be devastating in the right hands.

Peter LaGana was a knife and hawk thrower. During the Vietnam war, he was privately approached by family members of special forces soldiers that had gone or were to go to Vietnam to design a close quarter combat weapon for the jungles.

He came up with this design and it has been reproduced by several companies over the decades. Back then, there was an official demo of the hawk by LaGana to military officials, but they considered the hawk a too specialized fighting tool to justify the weight. Also, many soldiers seemed to prefer the machete for smokeless combat. However, everyone attending the demonstration did buy one from him ! Original LaGana hawks of the Vietnam era are highly sought after collectors items. See the news paper clipping from 1968 on the right.


One thought on ““Happiness is a sharp tomahawk …””

  1. There’s all sorts of **opinions** floating around the net on what makes the ultimate fighting hawk. It’s clear to me (and my wallet) that the VTAC and its predecessors are STILL the ones to beat. The VTAC puts the finishing touch on the last weakness of the older design; loose heads or the ability to snap the handle. The new design solves all of them. There is no other hawk on the planet that is as devastatingly compact, 16 ounces, fast in the hand, allows for quick correction, has lightning quick 2nd strike capability and is compact enough to actually carry day in and day out in the field. This is as purpose built as it gets for the cost of 2 Case folding knives or a decent day at the range.

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