The “real” soldier´s SAK …

… for me remains the Alox handled non-locking nail clip version. Official designation in Switzerland is “Soldatenmesser 61”.

I do know that the Swiss Army has lately  gone to a one hand opener with a serrated blade, but it is a bit too large for most front pockets, though it offers more tools and convenience. There is, however, a certain blade play on the new “tactical” SAK, which is also used by the Dutch and German armies.

I bought a Victorinox Soldatenmesser in Thun/Switzerland in 1997 (therefore stamped “97”) and have last year received a civilian Wenger version that is identical except for the lanyard loop. Somehow, these knives have a feel of value to them that is hard to explain. If you are on the market for a “first” knife for a young person, check these out. But get one for yourself, too 😉

btw … there is also a “Solo” version of this knife in the Pioneer line (model no.0.8000.26) which sports only a blade, nothing else. Not the general idea of a SAK, but surely a superlim gentlemen´s knife. I wish they would add a small pocket clip to it.


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