SOG Seal PUP knife w/molle sheath

I have a soft spot in my heart for the compact SOG Knives Seal Pup.

It is a very popular private purchase item at the US military PX stores, just like the Cold Steel SRK. The 5 inch blade limit that many unit commanders enact on their troops for privately purchased cutting tools fits nicely with the compact Pup. The steel is “only” AUS6, but the heat treat seems to be right on since the bigger SEAL 2000 knife from SOG has consistently (!) beaten the competition in diverse and rigorous testings.

The latest version differs quite a bit from my well used sample that is a few years old already. The sawteeth are wider and now cover almost half of the cutting edge of the knife. There is a long ricasso that allows you to choke up on the blade for delicate whittling. Normally, a feature that is very doubtful to me, but at least the ergonomics work here. The grip features ridges along the top and buttom offering a more secure grasp. It is actually a quarter of an inch longer than the old handles, too.

The sheath is well thought out and well made. Molle vest adaptable, it also features a large conventional belt loop and a front pouch for a multitool or sharpening device. My old nylon version is more compact, of course.

The Seal PUP is neither a perfect backwoods knife (general shape), nor a perfect fighting knife (too short), nor an ultra-indestructible field knife (too thin). It is somewhere in between all those purposes for people who need a really lightweight and compact knife that can cut them out of difficult situations.

The back edge can be sharpened to complement the original design ideas from the jungles of Vietnam and the MAC-SOG heritage. As it comes from the factory, no one can consider it a double edge “dagger”.

SOG also makes the PUPELITE, which has some slightly “improved” design features. In either configuration these PUPs are tougher than any folding knife can ever be and weigh less than some. Actually, the Pup is 20 grams less than the Buck 112 compact folding classic !!!


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