Senator Regent Fountain Pen (fleamarket find)

I´ve been digging one of these ever since i saw some Regents appear on auction sites, but i was always out of luck. They are no longer made and not quite in the quality range of a Pelikan 200, but sligthly larger in size.

The Regents are very traditional and classic in design, piston filled and feature a unique blind end that can be unscrewed and replaced with a desk pen style end piece. According to the manual, this is not just for show, but to improve writing comfort over long periods of time. I believe it, since the pen will cradle in the soft flesh between thumb and forefinger most nicely when it is fitted. If you own a Rotring Art Pen or something similar, you will know what i mean.

I have not filled this one yet as it came absolutely unused in the original box with a Senator ink bottle, but i dipped the nib in some ink and found it very flexible and not scratchy at all. Fleamarket hunting season is open for this year…


8 thoughts on “Senator Regent Fountain Pen (fleamarket find)”

  1. I have a Senator Regent I bought on ebay about 7-8 years ago. It had been used and I have been using it (among many others) ever since. It remains one of my favorite pens.

    It writes very smoothly and comfortably. And while it doesn’t have the gold nib and the center “gold” band has worn down to the underlying metal, it is a nice to write with as any of my more expensive pens.

    The extra girth compared to the Pelikan 200 makes this a nice alternative.

  2. Any idea how to get that pen? The Senator regent?
    I used to have it as my dad gave to to my brother and I as a reward for passing our science exam when we were 11.

    Well… we were 11 then and didn’t know how to take good care of things…. especially fountain pens.

    I have been looking for it for a real long time…18 years! Stumbling upon your blog just made me want to get it again! 🙂

    BTW, I’m from Singapore. Nice blog you’ve got!

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