Enzo Trapper 95

I recently got an amazing deal on an Enzo Trapper that i could not pass up. Nearly 4 inches of 3.5mm thick O-1 carbon steel, full tang with an oval lightening hole hidden under the scales ( beautiful birchwood), scandi grind (no secondary final edge).

This is one beautiful knife, sharp as hell, ready to be driven through thick branches without suffering damage. The sheath is meant to be carried slid under the belt, but outside the waistband. Unusal, but it works comfortably. Many traditional scandinavian blades have only slim rat tails to save some weight, but this one is a tougher candidate. It´s not only a bushcrafting knife, but it would be right at home in a survival kit, next to your favorite axe.

Somehow, this handle is just the right size for my paws. These first two pictures are courtesy of the original owner, with thanks.

I went on a hike today to check the knife out and make some pictures of my own …

The Enzo carries light and i was tempted to check out if it´s appreciably better for batoning than the Mora 780 Triflex that i also had with me.

I used them both on ca. 2 inch branches and, at least subjectively, the Enzo bit deeper than the Mora. The Mora suffered some micro nicks in its blade, while the Enzo simply refused to shave as well as it did before the batoning. No damage to the edge could be seen. While i do absolutely prefer the even smallest Fiskars Hatchet for such jobs, a real-world survival situation might ask for a little abuse if you only have a small belt knife with you. When shaving bark off the branches, the Mora had “the edge”.


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