Victorinox Cowboy

Another favorite in the SAK lineup is the simple Cowboy with the sliding lock on the right grip panel. Contrary to the liner locking models, this lock is tight! There is no bladeplay whatsoever on my sample, neither side to side nor up and down. The bladeplay seems universal on all the Army one-hand-openers that i have handled. The placing of the slide lock on the right side is great for southpaws like me (finally, a knife that favors the “handicapped”), most right handed people get along with it fine.

The Cowboy is a slim knife as it offers only a Phillips head screwdiver tool-wise. I like that as the slender handle feels quite good in the hand during extended use. The screw driver does not lock, of course, but it could be used as a “somewhat-less-lethal” punching weapon in a self defense situation. The Cowboy is also very useful in those jurisdictions that allow locking folders, but forbid one-hand-openers.


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