CRKT Russell Sting

“Cloak and Dagger” businessmen, undercover operatives, fictional survivalist John Thomas Rourke … according to the legends they need something like the CRKT 2020 under the tuxedo, in a boot top or elsewhere hidden on the person. In the last Bond movie (Quantum of Solace), Daniel Craig even surrendered this same knife to M.

From a practical standpoint, i tend to favor any tough one-hand-opening folder over such a smallish boot knife, especially since the 2020 is somewhat slippery in the hand. The CRKT is well built, from a single piece of forged 1050 carbon steel, quite sharp out of the box and the sheath is good for several mounting positions.

If you choose a simple belt carry, plan on a kydex system of your own. The sheath that comes with it is secure, but a somewhat overengineered affair. In my late teens, i read many of the Jerry Ahern “Survivalist” novels. This was the main blade of the character until he added the giant Jack Crain LS-X hollow handle survival knife to his battery.

As such, i needed to have this modern version in my collection. It makes a great letter opener, too … after cleaning away the blood from it, of course 😉


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