Sanrenmu Knife Model 939

Look what came in the mail today! A model 939 from Sanrenmu knife. This knife is a steal. I shouldn´t write anything more about it, having stated that, but i will.

There is a lot of Kershaw Ken Onion Vapor in it, that has to be admitted. The blade is 85mm long of 8Cr13MoV stell with a 12cm long frame lock handle. Lockup is tight, no blade play whatsoever. The overall workmanship is first class.

There is no room for criticism on this product at first glance, even a ball detent is present to keep the blade shut in your pocket. Look at the lovely shape of the ambidextrous thumb studs, the gentle sweep of the sheep foot blade.

If you like modernistic knives or beautifully constructed things in general, you should get yourself a 939. I have not taken mine apaprt, so i can´t tell you about the quality of the screws, but if it gets dirty, you can just rinse it with soapy water and it should look just as new.

Speaking of, the knife shaves arm hair as it comes from the plain white cardboard box. The blade might not be ideal for outdoor tasks, but it should make a more than decent EDC for the workshop or the city, slicing pizza, cheese and sausages. My brother actually called it a “kebab knife” at first sight. Well, opinions vary. It remains to be seen how the lockup geometry will develop with use. So far, i like the 939 a lot.


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