Sanrenmu 710 pocketknife

“… made from a very special kind of stainless steel”, that is the 7cm blade of the small Sanrenmu Model 710, according to the makers. It retails around 10 dollars. Sometimes including the shipping from China.

And copied from the small Chris Reeve Sebenza it is, too. The current price from for the titanium-frame, S30V-bladed original is 330 US dollars. Is it fair to compare the 710 it to the original ?

Hell, is it even fair that it exists in the first place ? I am not in the mood today to get into that … at any length.If you can live with the copycat design, expect to find a solid, all stainless framelock knife in the packaging. It has more than decent fit and finish, shaves your arm hair (it is probably 440A steel and has a slight hollow grind) and snaps open with a certain authority.

I ordered three of them. They all lock up perfectly. One to use, one as a spare, one to give away as a present. But i will be keeping all three. The Sanrenmu 710 is fun to have and own. One of the best values on the market. As i would definitely never ever (!) in my life buy a folding knife in the price range of a Reeve or a Strider (for multiple reasons), i do not feel guilty of having stolen them a single dollar by purchasing these smallish chinese “hommages”.


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