Nalgene N-Gen water bottle

There is not much i can say about my new Nalgene N-Gen bottle that is not obvious.
It is just about perfect for EDC-purposes, so i´d like to quote from the manufacturer´s informations here, as they seem to be true :
  • The mouth is 53mm (just over 2 in.) in diameter, so it is in between Nalgene’s® current wide-mouth and narrow-mouth models
  • Capacity: 0.75 Litres
  • Weight: 176g
  • Cap features a molded-in loop, providing a convenient spot to clip or a nice finger loop for simple, comfortable carrying
  • Extremely impact-resistant polycarbonate material does not retain tastes, odors or stains
  • Graduations are molded right into the bottle
  • Dishwasher Safe (top rack only)
  • Withstands temperatures from -40F to 212F
  • Hand wash in warm water with a mild dishwashing detergent
  • Made in the USA

And it´s cool, too. I am not sold on the “Oasis” bottle that resembles a GI canteen (I have that one in the pictures), but the N-Gen bottles are part of my daily gear now for my (sub-) urban adventures.

Check them out. Your kids will love them, too.

They can be had in different colors. Just like your kids 😉


3 thoughts on “Nalgene N-Gen water bottle”

  1. Hi, I’ve just come across this post about your Nalgene N-Gen. I’m thinking about buying one. I have the 32 oz wide mouth but it is a bit big and cumbersome. How is your N-Gen holding up?

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