Heckler & Koch VP 70 Z, the “Volks-Pistole”…

… jawoll! Just kidding, the VP stands for “Vollautomatische Pistole” (fully automatic pistol) or “Versuchspistole” (trial pistol), according to whom you believe. The People´s Gun from HK, as i like to call it, is certainly one of the ugliest handguns that ever saw production. It was not easy for the engineers to tame the power of the 9mm Parabellum round with a blowback mechanism and not easy for the shooter to hit something with the cruel Black & Decker – style DAO trigger. Pictured in this ad from AHG magazine from late 1980 is a Z model (which stands for “Zivil” or civilian). There was also a M or miltary model, featuring a shoulder stock and selector switch for getting three round bursts, making it a “Maschinenpistole” or some kind of PDW. The biggest success of the gun might have been some movie appearances, most notably probably in ALIENS as a fictional Colonial Marines service handgun. Well, at its time it certainly looked like it came from outer space.

Another ad that is about two years older :


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