Miguel Nieto “Pocket” knife

The spanish company Nieto makes an abundance of knives, ranging from simple and cheap boyscout models to ellaborate bowie models that anyone can be proud to own.

One of my favorites is a small “pocket” fixed blade with olive wood scales (i had to grind some thick grooves in them as they are slippery by nature) and a hollow ground blade of 440C steel that has a maximum thickness of 3,5mm. The OAL is 6.75 inches with a blade of 3 inches.

It comes with a nice little leather scabbard that is more at home in a coat pocket than strapped on a belt. This is a stout little knife that could make a good survival companion in a pinch. In an urban environment, this is the kind of cutting tool that would be “socially acceptable”. That is, people suffering from severe forms of AICHMOPHOBIA (that is a real disease, look it up!), will not be harmed by its presentation. It would also be a good blade for a younger person that needs introducing to the world of knives, as a present for a special occasion.

I have this knife from the Herbertz wholesale line, the official Nieto item number is 11022. Most spanish knife mail order companies should be able to provide you with it.  The last photo should show you how compact it really is :


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