ESEE / RAT Izula Neck knife

Not all neck knives are created equal. Most of them are simply too small to be useful. The RSK Mk5 from CRKT is therefore a real joke imho, despite the cute Altoids tin connection.  I once had thought that the Becker Necker from KaBar could fullfill my needs, but the handle was just too short for my meaty fingers and the sheath looked like a survival shovel, so i had to sell it.

Enter the IZULA from Esee (i hope they will not change their company name anymore), with its very ergonomic blade to handle ratio that lends it the manipulation qualities of your favorite scalpel. It has no rough edges and a rounded open frame grip, so you do not need a para-cord wrap, but i put some on the end for the ease of drawing it from the tightly fitting hard plastic sheath. Sadly, the holes in the sheath will only fit a large Teklok, so this one will actually end up around the neck (always use a cord that can break away and not strangle you!) when hiking or in the coat pocket when in urban climates .

You can buy handle scales from Esee that, when screwed on, will improve the grip, but they also negate the  general idea of this great slimline knife. And while the Izula is often categorized in the survival corner, i think that someone heading for “the wilds” is better off carrying something more substantial. When concealment is paramount, the Izula makes a great EDC with a strength that no folder can match.


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