Tramontina 14 inch Machete

This is the 14 inch model of the well-known inexpensive and super-practical machetes from Brazil. It is amazing what their thin carbon blades (around 2mm) can do. I tried hard to knick the edge today on some dead branches for more than an hour, but no luck so far. I grooved and smoothed the wood handle a bit at home. It´s not suitable for very big and meaty hands, but the light weight of the tool prevents premature fatigue for everyone. Depending on where you live, a machete can be just as practical for survival as a chopping bowie knife or an axe, if not more so. For “southern bushcraft”, it is mandatory gear. Try them before you buy. Thickness, blade length, handle shape are very personal preferences. Keep away from the “high quality stainless” trash models that you find everywhere for a few coins. 


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