Sanrenmu 763 gentleman folding knife

Sanrenmu knives are usually a more than “not to shabby” quality experience when you compare them to many big knife names in the industry. Spyderco, Buck, Benchmade, they all have (or used to have) their own “made in china” lines. I just received a little 763 from Sanrenmu.

This hardcore-looking folder features an “Axis” lock and is a tad smaller than the frame locked all steel 710 (see the comparison picture above). The workmanship is impeccable. No blade play in any direction. On my sample, one of the two pocket clip screws was stuck. I could not remove it in the process of setting the knife up for left handed carry! The clip was destroyed as i (violently) got the screw out. That happens, i doubt that your sample might have similar problems.

Anyway, the Sanrenmu 763 is an inexpensive small pocket tool for those who like their pen  knives to look “tactical”. It is small enough to fit on your key chain and the rear of the closed blade will open up beer bottles very efficiently, too. The blade length is 65mm and the overall length when open is 16 centimeters. More detail pictures can be found below.


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