CRKT Hissatsu “martial knife” Tanto

The Hissatsu from CRKT is a specialized knife that has been on the market for quite a few years now. I bought one in order to have a modern-material tanto-style knife in my small collection without the complications of traditional handle composure, but the general shape of this “tool” was designed to be a last-ditch defensive blade for real-life operators in close quarter combat scenarios. ¬†Imagine a room clearing situation with a primary weapon jam taking place and someone coming for you … so if you are comfortable with the reverse grip knife fighting technique and if your are convinced that your engagements with an enemy could be very up close, this might be a blade for you. No Zorro “foot work” syndrome here, just grab and stab from above as often as needed. The general utility value is quite low, however. The sheath is also not up the standards of the knife itself, especially the belt loop arrangement that comes with it. The rivet holes in the plastic sheath will accept a large Tek-Lok, however. With that in place, the Hissatsu can make a very interesting defensive blade for those jurisdictions where blade length is not an issue and double edged knives are excluded from legal carry.


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