Interesting new survival knife cooperations

The idea of a dedicated survival knife designed by a famous wilderness expert is far from new and the trend goes on. The latest news is the Temagami, a cooperation between Les Stroud and Helle of Norway. I am curious about how the end result will look like, so far we only have this press release and a photo of a meeting in Norway.

I guess we can speculate on a very down-to-earth knife. When you watch the photo in extreme close-up, you can see design paintings of the possible end result and two knives are lying on the table that could be prototypes.

The Gerber Grylls Ultimate Survival had a very rough start. A review and testing in a popular US knife forum resulted in a broken handle, something very similar happened to another owner in Germany. Back to the drawing board for this one! The problem seems related to the construction of the hammering buttcap, a feature i do not consider essential in a knife. Bear, you should have stuck with the Gerber Prodigy or that adorable and fancy Bailey custom! Meanwhile Gerber is recalling the knives until the problem is solved.

Buck will be producing a slightly modified version of the very interesting big and lean Hoodlum survival knife designed by Ron Hood and currently manufactured by Tops knives. I can only hope the end result will not be hollow-ground out of 420HC.

Tops will be releasing a smaller and lighter version of the Mykel Hawke (“Man, Woman, Wild”) Hellion Survivor that will be called the “Elite” . I am not a great fan of this design, but it is never a good idea to question the wisdom of a former Green Beret.

Lofty Wiseman has also redesigned and rereleased his famous “Survival Tool” this year. Collaboration survival and wilderness knives are seemingly becoming a collector´s niche of their own.


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