Fiskars Sissipuukko Peltonen M95

I would like to give you some photo impressions of my “Ranger knife, model 95”.

A completely underrated knife with a differentially hardened 6 inch blade (teflon coated, 5mm thick, soft on the spine, around 58 Rockwell on the edge) that will bend before it breaks. The full thickness tang is completely enclosed in a hard rubber grip, insulating the user against cold. The sheath also features the most cleverly designed retention system the world has seen to date! If I would design a general use outdoor knife, I would pay money to use this retention system under license.

You can get a Peltonen M95 between 90 and 100 Euros with your choice of plastic or leather sheath and you will not regret it! This knife is all business, no bells, no whistles. For use as a weapon (it is an issue item), the long and thick and blade should make some nasty wounds. I shaved away some of the gripping ridges on the handle, right where my index finger will encircle the grip. They annoyed me enough.

The Peltonen knife can also be had with a slightly wider and shorter blade, currently only with a leather sheath that is not ambidextrous. I recommend the shorter version for anyone looking for a super-sturdy outdoor knife, if you wish to stay under 100 Euros. Think of a Mora Clipper and lots (!!!) of steroids, then you get a general idea of this blade, the M07.

The first picture is from a web forum. It shows the tang. No fear of some heavy batoning with the M95…


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