Casio MDV 102 quartz dive watch

There is a special Casio dive watch in my rotation that i always keep coming back to. It is somewhat of a “sleeper”, and quite simply a bargain, from the DURO series and available with a rubber strap or a steel bracelet. The case width without the crown is a solid 41 mm. In todays market, that must be considered “unisex” size for some 😉

The MDV 102 is a very solidly built timepiece with a clear “tool-watch” design that is a bit of a mixture of Doxa and Omega to my eyes. Water resistance is 200 meters, the crown is screwed. There are two LEDs that light up the face at night if you press the button at 2 o´clock. A unidirectional bezel lets you measure short time distances. Actually, the watch can be used as an emergency flashlight if you keep the button pressed !

Cons ? Well, the domed mineral glass can give off some nasty light reflections from time to time and the band width on this watch is an uneven 21 mm, making selection of an aftermarket (nato?) strap somewhat difficult. The bezel could offer more resistance, too. That´s about it.

I highly recommend the steel bracelet version, as it is unusually comfortable to wear, quite secure and makes the watch look very expensive from a distance, but it does not seem to be available everywhere. I´m not sure if you can get is as a replacement part. Some versions of the watch have a dolphin logo on the face and base, some don´t.

Being battery operated, the MDV 102 should take considerably more abuse than any mechanical watch can ever hope to. Just remember when you changed the batteries and have it done again before you leave for the lonely island at the end of the world. The asthetics should also fit most lifestyles. The watch can be had from Amazon and has gathered an amazing amount of positive reviews from buyers there. Not a “sleeper” any more…

Edit Nov. 1st 2011 : The MDV 102 seems to have been discontinued by Casio…


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