MTech Xtreme Survival Tanto

I have a love/hate-relationship with neck knives. I usually consider them too small to be effective. Sometimes though, less can be more. The MTech caught my eye only since it is so inexpensive. “Handmade in China. USA Design. 440 C steel”. Sounds good enough at first glance.

We have 17cm overall length here with somewhat smooth G10 grips, an 8cm hollow ground blade, coated in black.  There is A LOT of the Timberline Lightfoot design in it, that is true. I wish it were more different. The MTech comes with a kydex sheath that rivals some of the best i have seen. Not hard plastic, but real kydex! And it will actually hold the knife around your neck in a secure inverted position.

The grip panels or handle slabs are mounted perfectly, the torx screws are nicely set and fitted. The small blade will not shave your arm hair, but it has a highly penetrative geometry that will get the swift attention of every attacker in a dark alley. This is the kind of mean and clandestine defensive knife that makes sense in some places around the world because it is somewhat disposable. Inexpensive to get in numbers, but not costly enough not to ditch it in a sewer somewhere.

The blade shape does not lend itself to slicing salami. Your EDC folding knife should do better in this regard. But knives like the MTech have their “raison d’être”. And this one was a steal.


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