Seldeen Condition 3 Holster for the 1911

Here is an advertisement from 1981 showing a strange holster contraption by “Seldeen Leathersmiths” of California.It allows drawing and chamber-loading of a 1911 in one movement in a hurry. I would rate is as one of the more bizarre undertakings to combine safety and speed. Why someone would absolutely not carry a 1911 with a round in the chamber escapes me, though you have to say that mechanically the general design was actually not drop proof until the Series 80 models were introduced by Colt.

I understand that there is a very similar holster design for the Makarov pistol today that is used by special forces units in Russia. Hopefully, not too many good guys get themselves killed using them. With any older 1911 pistol, an extra power firing pin spring is recommended. Even when your pistol is a more modern invention or variant of the 1911, have it checked by a competent person after an accidential (sane people don´t do it with intention) drop. These kind of “safeties” are good for one accident only! Don´t make a habit of it.

Don´t use slippery grip panels on a pistol meant for personal defense.

Don´t use loosened up leather holsters with weak stitches.

Don´t drop a gun. Some “customized” triggers don´t like that at all.

One story comes to my mind :

In Germany, the Walther gun manufacturing company has been media-accused of making “unsafe” pistols many years ago. There was an incident with the “P5 police pistol” ( actually only a very modified P38 ). “The bad gun” had killed an officer that had dropped the pistol within his police cruiser.  The P5 is mechanically drop-proof by all modern standards if it is properly mantained and serviced. Walther caught a lot of flak after the “accident”. Though the actual circumstances could never be made clear, the gun design and construction was blamed. What else ?

Walther responded, somewhat cynically (???), that there was no absolute safety possible, “as long as duty pistols were shipped to them for service in loaded condition with a round in the chamber in postal packages and/or used as bludgeons to smash car windows”. They seemingly have had this (or more than that) come to their attention many times before.

Nature sometimes selects. Nuff said.


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