“Extreme Prejudice” (1987) by Walter Hill

Some movies stay in your mind, some don´t. Walter Hill´s “Extreme Prejudice” is one of my eternal favorites. You don´t have to like it, you can even call it “western cheesy” or full of primitive adolescent morale and violence, but i adore this flick. Every second, every minute, and every single bit of the great Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack. I have it on DVD and i own the extended soundtrack on CD. Bury me with both, please.

I did not watch it on TV in some rerun for the first time, but actually went to the cinema one bored afternoon after school back then when they showed it in the theaters so many years ago. Boy, i was 16 or 17 at the time, and i was hooked. I do not remember how many times i have seen it ever since. Little did i know that Nick Nolte actually founded his character portrayal on a real Texas Ranger (the weapons, clothing, demeanor, the walking and the talking … i read the biography of Mr. Joaquin Jackson only many years later), but … everything in his acting seemed just right and very credible.

The acting of the movie in general is not oscar-worthy (Powers Booth and Maria Conchita Alonso stand out a bit), the characters are somewhat stereotype (this is still a western), the shootouts are dramatic and always recoil-free (this is still a movie), but the story about two former teenage friends finding themselves on two opposite sides of the law (or the Rio Grande), fighting over a woman, is gripping and worth watching.

This flick does not lend itself to a 3D-“remake”, which is a good thing. The very first photo above with the guys behind Nolte in desert camouflage is a publicity shot and not featured in the movie itself. As are some trailers on youtube. Blessed be the “Eighties” of the last century.

As a note for the gun & leather lovers :

Mr. Jackson has noted in his biography that his holster was handmade after the “Brille” design and Nick Nolte had one made just like that, but i have been unable to identify what a ” Brille” style really means. If you know more about it, please drop me a line. El Paso Saddlery offers some very nice holster in a similar style.

Mr. Jackson used a .45 Colt Commander when “rangering” (besides a S&W Combat Magnum 19 issue gun), but the movie gun is actually a 9mm version as it proved more reliable with blanks. The short barrel “Trapper” Winchester lever gun of Mr. Nolte is also similar to the custom rifle Mr. Jackson actually carried on duty.


8 thoughts on ““Extreme Prejudice” (1987) by Walter Hill”

  1. Caliban this is a really nice post. Many folks that don’t alot about 1911 holsters or don’t study the movie carefully jump on the bandwagon and think Nolte’s holster was an Austin style by El Paso Saddlery. That holster has a skirt and a drop loop, Nolte’s does not. I have both books by Ranger Joaquin Jackson and the holster style he alludes to is the “A.W. Brill.” The style of construction is very distinctive. Brill was a contemporary and a competetor of El Paso. His holsters are extremely well made and command high prices to collectors. Of note – we are coming out with the complete Joaquin Jackson / Extreme Prejudice rig. Hand tooled holster, gun belt, “Ranger Buckle set, double clip pouch, folding knife slide, Commander cast grips like the movie, and Winchester Trapper rifle scabbard. If you get a chance, visit our web site. Have a great weekend ~ Alan

  2. Caliban, forgot to mention that the Nolte/ Ranger Jackson 1911 grips will be available from westernleatherholster.com in the near future. They are really distinctive in that they have a horseshoe, a horses head, and Indian warrior’s head all depicted inside a raised engraved grip edge. Ranger Jackson chose them for the stable grip they provided when shooting the heavy recoil Colt .45 auto round.

  3. Caliban, I have just had the honor of interviewing Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson. I will be obtaining some close up photos of the A.W. Brill style holster, pant belt, gun belt, Trapper rifle scabbard and other items he used during his days with the Rangers. westernleatherholster.com is the website to see the photos of this gear as it comes out. We have just finished an other Ranger rig called the “Hill Country Ranger” and will have photos within a week or so on the website. Boy are we having fun. Alan

  4. Hello again to the followers of Extreme Prejudice and Ranger Jackson. We will be looking forward to sharing photos of Jackson’s Model 29 Smith & Wesson N frame in .44 mag that he carried on horseback along with his Tom Three Person’s style tooled holster. In keeping with tradition, Jackson did not use any strap or snap. He did use a hammer thong on horseback. Alan

  5. Great movie,great reviews and great info about the firearms and leather. I’d like to get some website
    information where I can purchase some of this type of gun leather. I also have the movie on DVD and it is one of my all-time favorites. Loved the action scene of the shoot out at the cantina with Chubb Luke. Did anyone else Nolte’s Commander fall out of the holster when he dove under the truck to retrieve the shotgun?
    “We can stop here, or keep right on shootin'” Great line that could only come from a Texas Ranger.
    Thank you.

  6. Alan,
    Sorry that I missed your website in your post but, I saw it when I re-read the article. Please excuse my over site but I’m working off a smart phone. I’ll check out the site now.
    Thanks again.

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