Timberline SPECWAR

A few months ago, i traded an older Cold Steel knife for a Timerbline SPECWAR in slightly used condition. After a bit of polishing and cleaning, it looks good again. I´ve had the rare black-bladed and kydex-sheathed version of this already classic knife for a short time, but decided it belonged in a collector´s hands.

The SPECWAR is a finely USA-made badass beauty that was designed for the purposes of prying, insulated cutting, chopping, swing cutting and light hammering, in that order of priority.

More history according to KNIVES ILLUSTRATED :

“Never one to sit still, Ernest Emerson approached Vaughn Neeley of Timberline Knives in the Fall of 1993 with an all-new tactical knife he was designing for Naval Special Warfare Group One in San Diego. This knife, which went on to become an outstanding collaborative effort between Emerson and Neeley is now known as the Timberline SPECWAR model. This knife earned itself the prestigious “American Made Knife of the Year” award at the International Blade Show in Atlanta last year (1995). It is a fixed blade knife, measuring 11 7/8 inches overall, carrying an ATS-34 stainless blade hardened to Rc 60, and black titanium nitride coated. Neeley designed a unique Kydex/Nylon web sheath for this new knife. Like Emerson’s SPECWAR custom knives, this model features a one-side chisel ground blade almost 1/4 inch thick. Its handle is of fiberglass reinforced Nylon, molded around a near-full tang.”

It was even displayed as an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City from May 24 to August 15,1995. If you look at the brutal yet elegant lines, you can quickly understand why. The photos are courtesy of the former owner.


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