Cold Steel Bushman SK-5

My CS Bushman has been sitting in the “knife vault” for a few years now and i haven´t gotten around to using it until now. It´s a primitive piece, made out of a single piece of SK-5 steel with a nylon stick sheath. The latest ones also have pouches for “survival stuff” on them. The handle is a hollow folded tube much like the Chi Com Machete. It offers more storage space or makes improvising a spear a possible option.

Despite being very lightweight by nature of design, breaking the Bushman seems impossible to me. Even without grip wrapping tape, the handle feels quite comfortable in use. The knife chops in softer wood like a super-short machete would, but it is somehow just not meant for carving. It should make a very effective skinning blade for big animals. Resharpening is extremely easy.

This knife would therefore i.m.h.o. benefit from a much longer blade, thereby emulating the Chi Com. As it comes , it is probably the most inexpensive yet trustworthy survival knife in existence. If you distrust conventional knife handles and cannot (or want not) afford a GEK 2000, this could be sort of your low-cost alternative, within the limits of its edge geometry.

I also do miss the Mini Bushman, as it was a compact alternative, but it was discontinued some years ago. Maybe those knife manufacturers have a secret conspiracy program against inexpensive knives that resist from breaking …


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