Busse ? Tops ? Chinese MPD-Knife

This week the mailman arrived with one of the best fake knives i have ever handled. This is meant to be a Busse rip-off of some sort, but comes with a Tops engraving and “fitting” cardboard box. However, Tops USA does not use boxes to ship their knives! Often, the chinese copycat makers are mixing models and makers with a dazzling nonchalance, so i decided to call it the Multiple Personality Disorder.

This compact “pilot rescue” or “bodyguard backup” knife is claimed to be made out of hollow ground 440A stainless steel (or the chinese equivalent). It could be 420J2, also, hard to tell without using it a lot. The workmanship is excellent. No gaps or uneven grinds anywhere, even the sheath out of (somewhat thin) kydex is very well made and fitted. It comes with a strong steel clip that can be mounted for right and left handed users. Not bad for a knife that costs around 40-50 dollars including shipping.

I guess you have to have very long and intense discussions with your conscience if you will buy such a knife, mine will probably end up with a collector buddy who is a lot less sensitive.  I wish the Chinese would go the route of completely original models, and there are some, but until then such strange items will be flashing up in frustrating abundance on auction sites. 


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