Beretta 92 SB water pistols

Time for another gun review !!!

I have always been a fan of the clean lines and handling qualities of the beautiful Beretta 92 SB, the gun that became the US service pistol in modified form so many years ago. Also, as a teenage boy I used to watch the Riptide TV series with my (then) small brother. The two Vietnam Vet PIs in the show carried 92 pistols also, but they seemingly believed in spray and pray tactics if I remember correctly.

Today i went to KIK, a well known clothing discount chain in Germany and ran along these Chinese water pistol copies of the 92SB at the toy department. At exactly one Euro each, they are easy on your wallet. No licensing was required, no paperwork. I even bought a yellow spare for my brother (now 31 years of age).

To be serious for a moment, it is actually quite difficult to get a matched pair of pistols in Germany unless you compete in Cowboy Action Shooting on a regular basis (and then it would only make sense to apply for a pair of SAAs…) and my “do it all” (read : occasional precision target shooting) 9mm Luger is already a CZ 75 in it´s earliest form, so that spot on my license is already “filled”.

So I settled for these “guns” and I am quite happy with them. Only very mediocre sights (the rear sight lacks a notch for obvious reasons of water tightness), stiff but smooth DAO triggers, but a high capacity of several dozen squirts each. They run on water or booze, your choice. Can one “drink your gun” ??? The effective range is quite limited, to one or two yards. They are actual size, to the last milimeter.

If you carry a Beretta as a CCW-gun in the US or other “countries for responsible people” and want to practice certain self-defense techniques in roleplay, such an exact replica or “wet marking” pistol can be fun and skill-honing, but most people would prefer soft-air guns probably 😉

Living under the oppressive gun laws of Germany, I can only play John Woo characters in the garden with these and shoot at doves ! But they will fit my UM-84 Bianchi rigs … and it is a safe way to practice my Gunkata skills, too!


2 thoughts on “Beretta 92 SB water pistols”

  1. i have no idea, sorry. i think the guns are actually a tad smaller actually. by a very small percentage in scale. my post was meant to be sarcastic and it still is.

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