Enlan M012 Framelock EDC Folder

As I am quite busy, and feeling a bit weary today, I will leave it up to your imagination just how great this little inexpensive folding knife dream is … šŸ˜‰

Look at the pictures and imagine it, order one and check it for yourself, please!

Negative aspects : The lockup is so tight when you open it with a flick that it is hard to disengage and right handed people will have an easier time opening the knife. As a lefty you will have to carry this knife in “cavalry draw mode” anyway.

OAL length when open : 16cm, blade length is only 7cm with 9cm handle length available. Did I mention that it comes (and looks…) sharp as hell from the box ? This is clearly the Sanrenmu 710 for those people that wish some more original design to ease their conscience when it comes to stealing design ideas.

PS : Did you know that one-hand-opening folding knives with a lock-up- mechanism are illegal to carry in Germany right now unless you have a socially acceptable reason ? And that there has been no official higher court ruling ever since the law was enacted that states what these reasons might be ? The size of the knife does not matter … if you want to stay on the safe side of the law around here, you have to slide a Buck 110 in your pocket, not the smallish Enlan M012. Do CRIMINALS ( they are generally defined as people breaking laws ) care for these laws ??? Not that I think so…


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