Smith & Wesson HRT Boot Dagger

The H.R.T. is lean, mean, quite inexpensive, well made from 440A steel, double hollow ground, slim and very (!) ergonomic with a quite serviceable sheath and soft tacky grip. I cannot justify buying a Gerber Guardian backup since these are so great.

One can (Greg Walker did so in one of his books) endlessly question the tactical value of these often illegal-to-carry mini daggers and prefer “tactical” folders, but I find them hard to pass up as collecting pieces. German laws outlaw carry of these since a few years, so mine has been relegated to D.L.O.D. (desktop-letter-opening-duty).

Check the local laws before slipping such knives behind the waistband or in your boot top or you might get in serious trouble with the authorities. Also bear in mind that the defensive use of any knife that looks like a dagger is also difficult court-wise, as they are still considered “villain” weapons.

Daggers (especially those with serrated edges) can serve critical rescue functions in certain scenarios, but do not count on a judge or jury to be “in the know” when it comes to man´s oldest tool.


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