Navy K-631 flat ground folding knife

The new Navy 631 is a copycat mixture design of the Spyderco Police and Endura models. Workmanship is very, very decent with some minor imperfections and the “idea” of bladeplay. The Navy knives are very similar in manufacturing quality, if not identical, to the Byrd knives in the Spyderco line. I would almost suppose they come from the same chinese factory.

The flat ground 440C stainless steel blade measures quite exactly 4 inches from the not-so-rough G10 scales to the needle-like tip and comes hair-shaving sharp from a cute little digital camo storage sack. The pocket clip can be remounted for left handed users, but only for tip up carry. My knife carries a serial number of “0139”, suggesting a limited production of this model.

This is an extremely inexpensive and sturdy knife that can serve a multitude of purposes, including your personal defense thanks to the long blade. Some might find it too heavy and big for EDC, though.

Look further for some detail pictures…


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