Uzi Guardian Watch

Step aside, G-Shock! Today, I found a very much anticipated UZI Guardian digital wristwatch in my mailbox. I can´t say too many bad things about it. Actually, I love it! It is extremely BIG at 47mm across, but also very lightweight. If it were not for it´s size, I would not notice it on my wrist.

It also seems quite well made, more so than I expected considering the low price tag. The case is made from hard plastic that feels quite tough, the band and bezel are fabricated from a hard rubber material, the buckle is solid and stainless steel. The digits are big and bold, about three times the size of conventional G-Shocks! There is a yellow, bronze or golden shine to the giant display, when you press the light button it turns to pale blue.  Four screws hold the stainless caseback in place. The band keeper cannot slip around, thank you for that. There is a velcro strap version of the Guardian available, but Ì´m sure it is scratchy as hell.

The standard display shows your standard time (12 or 24 hrs mode) with the seconds in a line for themselves below the hours and minutes and the day of the week and month above it. In the other modes, we have a daily alarm, a second time zone, a timer, a chronograph with a lap stop and a seperate adjust mode. What more do you, realistically, need ?

The watch is made in China and only waterproof to 50 meters, so I would not really recommend it for extended swimming. Car washing or the occasional shower should not pose a problem. You cannot mute the buttons, which could be a problem as their beep is very loud, possibly even eating away at the battery. Also, you will have to look at the display in a relatively straight angle to tell an accurate time, but almost all digital watches (and many analog ones) have this “problem”.

I´m looking forward to use this somewhat extravagant timepiece as my EDWBW (EveryDayWearBeaterWatch) and see if  it will hold up to doorframes and daily shocks. It might turn out to be worth a lot more than I paid for it. Some people might not like the somewhat senseless UZI marketing branding on it, but I´m sure Major Uziel Gal would have liked the watch anyway…


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