Orient Vintage Dress Watch BEM5X003D

As a lover of the cushion shape watch cases that were so popular in the 60s and 70s of the last century, I had to get this one. This is the basic line automatic in-house-movement “3 star series” of Orient, somewhat comparable to the Seiko 5 series. The strange button at 2 o´clock serves as a quick adjustment module for the day of the week, you will also find it on the famous “Mako” diver from the same company. The nicely finished stainless steel case is not see-through at the bottom, which I prefer. Diameter is a solid 38mm without the crown. Lug width is the standard 20mm, but the folded stainless band is not on par with the rest of the watch. It rattles quite a bit and pinches your arm hairs. I highly recommend a nice leather strap. Different dial colors are available.  This line of watches is only “water resistant”, so swimming with it is not recommended and you should take it off your wrist before showering. Otherwise, I think they really are great timepieces for around 50 – 60 Euros.


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