CRKT Minimalist Neck Knife

I am not the biggest fan of neckknives, as by nature of design they seem to be mostly toys for knife lovers to me. In most urban social circumstances, they are not very acceptable, to say the least. In fact, wearing one openly makes you more of a “freak” than carrying a small serrated and black one-hand opening tanto folder clipped discreetly to your work pants. If your daily environment is more rural, things might be completely different. But in order for any knife to be an efficient tool, it also needs to have a certain blade length, which kind of negates neck carry. The CRKT Minimalist is 13cm OAL length with barely 5cm blade length in a well-fitted hard plasic sheath. Self defense and survival do not need to apply for a blade of this size, so opening mail, packages, boxes and very small cutting tasks are left. The Minimalist has very (!) nicely contoured micarta handles with finger grooves for three of your digits. It feels quite solid in your hand, even with meaty fingers your grasp is always secure. A miniature cord lanyard comes with it. I used a Victorinox Soldier in the pictures to give you a realistic look at what size knife you get with the Minimalist. I carry mine in my pants pockets most of the time, but realistically, as useful as it may seem compared to bare fingernails, I treat it as a nice-to-have novelty item or as a feel-good-toy.


One thought on “CRKT Minimalist Neck Knife”

  1. I don’t know; that little girl that was almost snatched from walmart recently did a pretty good job getting free with nothing but her hands, feet, and vocal cords. If the guy had felt even a small knife stick him anywhere, he probably would have dropped her much sooner. I’d bet an adult could make even better use of one. Neck knives are generally considered convenient backup or last-ditch knives, anyway.

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