Pilot 78G Fountain Pen

The Pilot 78G from Japan is a fantastic inexpensive writing instrument that rivals some of the more expensive favorites of the pen lover community in comfort and style. Dimensions : 135mm closed with the cap screwed in place, 150mm capped, 125 without the cap. At 11 gr in weight, it is quite a bit lighter and slimmer than a Pelikan M200 at 15 gr. There is a somewhat “cheap” feel to it until you start writing with that wonderful nib. I prefer the highly flexible “Medium”, which writes quite a bit leaner than a Pelikan medium. 78Gs in “Bold” are calligraphy nibbed. Currently, a 78G can be had for a mere 10 dollars on ebay including shipping from Asia, so I urge you to stock up on all colors of this fountain pen and include one in your work, school or study gear ! Get a lot of cartridges, too, as Pilots use their own kind. Empty ones can be filled with a syringe from bottled ink, many times. Each pen, however, also comes with a converter included. This one is truly a steal…


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