Cold Steel Voyager 2011

A few weeks ago, I received my “large” size CS Voyager (29TLC) from the latest series of 2011. We are talking the 10cm / 4 inch version with a blade thickness of slightly more than 3mm AUS8, made in Taiwan. The latest Voyagers look quite a bit more “bad” than the earlier ones from years gone by.

I cannot say anything bad about this knife itself so far, however. Rock solid Tri-Ad locking, smooth opening, light in weight, easy to resharpen and not so expensive that you could not stand a loss. The handles are lined with aluminum, the sandblasted blade has a nice bowie curve to it, the pocket clips come in ambidextrous versions.

This knife is a good combination of utility and fighting design aspects combined into a single piece of equipment. The 29TLC Voyager is a good bit beyond what some people consider “EDC” in size, but the ultra-reliable lock that comes with the knife might be worth the extra size. Also, the grip design will afford you some 5 inches of reach beyond your bare hands in a defensive situation. You can always easily choke up on the grip for utility work.

The knife retails below 50 US-dollars on the street. A bargain compared to some other offerings which cannot give you the Tri-Ad safety. There is a somewhat menacing look to it, simply due to it´s size, so you might consider backing this knife up with a keychain folder for social purposes.

Even though this a one-hand-opening knife with ambidextrous studs, the closed blade offers more than enough exposed “meat” to get it open by simply gripping the spine. For some operators, especially those wearing gloves while using their knives, this is an important aspect.


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