Casio MRW 200 “Beater” Watch

If you are on the market for an inexpensive watch with “tactical” or diving styling, I can recommend the Casio MRW 200 series.

Do not expect too much lume quality from it and the turning bezel is only press fitted, but works. It is a decent size at around 40 mm without the crown. The strap is very comfortable and fits even larger wrists.

The military numbered dial version that I have reminds me quite a bit of the Breitling Colt.  Maybe I will get the MRW200H-1B2, too. There are four variations of the watch face available at the time this is written.


5 thoughts on “Casio MRW 200 “Beater” Watch”

  1. hello. i really what to buy this watch, i read about it and some owners have problem with date and day..i don’t know what to you have any problem with this watch??

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