Kershaw Echo 1070 C hunting knife

The Kershaw Echo is a made-in-china knife designed for hunters by Ken Onion. OAL length is 22 cm, a blade length of 97 mm with a thickness of almost 4 mm. Weight is 150 grams, a Mora Clipper compares at only 80 grams.

This is a stout piece of equipment despite it´s small size and the tip of the 8CR13MOV stainless steel blade remains quite thick to the very end. I cannot imagine a task that would break this baby!

The handle scales are very ergonomic, the recurve blade shape is perfectly suited for hunting or skinning tasks, while in general outdoor applications it is probably not so ideal. I prefer a more straight edge. The camouflage sheath is simple, but robust. Four rivets fasten the belt loop to the sheath, the knife itself is held in it only by friction.


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