Marbles Tramontina Machete 18 inch

The Marbles Machete is a quality piece of gear for your outdoor adventures into the thickest brush. It is made in El Salvador by Imacasa from carbon steel and comes with an orange protective coating on the blade, which not also prevents corrosion but should make finding it easier when you lay it down.

Also, this is one of the very few machetes that comes “out of the box” (actually, there is no box that it comes in) with a fully sharpened and polished edge that shaves your arm hair ! This is unusual since a rough and only semi-sharpened edge is what you normally get for reasons of a low retail price on most machetes.

Another plus, at least for some people out there, is that the grip on the Marbles is longer and thicker than on many others. In the photos, it is compared to my 13.5 inch bladed Tramontina, which is a bit short for my hands. So if you happen to have big hands or prefer working with gloves on, you might like this aspect a lot !

The Marbles blade is relatively thin and fexible, as befits a working machete that you can swing all day long without undue fatigue. Sadly, you cannot evaluate a chopping tool in a store or via internet reviews. It is always a matter of trial and error and personal ergonomic preferences after a few hours of heavy use.


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