Opinel No. 10 – my favorite of the breed !

Considering what they cost, every Opinel folder is a bargain. The Model 10, however, is my personal favorite of them all. The blade is almost 4 inches of carbon steel (stainless steel blades can also be had) with an overall length of 9 inches. Even huge hands should find it roomy enough. Naturally with these knives, there is no “choil” to waste blade potential for carving or heavy cutting.

As you see in the pictures, I like to modify my Opinels a little, carving or grinding down the butt end of the handle with a Dremel tool, adding deep circular grooves around the grip and a little filework on the spine. The Virobloc system keeps Opinels safely open (or closed, if you want) for all thinkable cutting tasks. The full flat scandi grind works like a straight razor in most materials. Also, these knives are extremely lightweight.

Opinels do not, of course, open with one hand and they do not look like they can be used for the War On Terror, but if simplicity is your idea of perfection, you should own (at least) one!


2 thoughts on “Opinel No. 10 – my favorite of the breed !”

  1. Your mods on the Opinel makes it looks very nice. Will use your idea when I get my Opinel. Enjoy your blog, as it has both my interests – knives and fountain pens.

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