Gerber Big Rock Camp outdoor knife

Although not really new on the market, the Harsey designed Gerber Big Rock Camp is a knife that has grown on me over time. If you combine good blade geometry with a well designed handle, what is not to like ?

The Big Rock is quite inexpensive and comes in a serrated version, too, if you find that needful. The blade steel is some non-descript chinese stainless 440, so you might spend more time sharpening the edge than with some other metals. Points of ciritcism for me are really only the handle scales. They are rather thin and not hand-filling enough and made out of a too soft rubber material. I have doubts if they stand up to much abuse.

The sheath is simple and functional for right-handed users and will fit the widest of belts. An extended lanyard-hole tang will allow some pounding with the Big Rock Camp. The blade shape of the BRC is what I really love. A nearly full flat grind, long enough for some emergency wood splitting. I highly recommend this knife to anyone, especially those who are on a tight budget but want something a bit more refined than a Mora.


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