Camel Active “Sahara” EDC shoulder bag

Spring is around the corner, so I decided to throw all my stuff in a stylish beige cotton shoulder bag from Camel Active. This is an extremely well made and functional small man purse (acutally, I consider it completely unisex) that looks non-tactical  with a smart pocket arrangement.  The retail price is between 60 and 70 Euros, which is steep ! I found mine on a flea market last year, in like-new-condition for a mere 3 Euros ! For that money, I gave it a chance…

I prefer backpacks in general, as shoulder bags have to be stabilized with one hand or, when worn cross-over, have a tendency to flop around when you move. Also, pack more than 2 kilos in them and the straps plus the uneven weight distribution will play havoc with your neck and back mucles. On the other hand, in crowds they are safer than daypacks as they can be moved in front of you. For short trips with only lightweight items inside, they are perfect.


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