Casio Duro MDV-106 Quartz Diving Watch

Some months ago, Casio has entered the market with a new diver style wristwatch, the MDV 106 from the Duro series. 200m water resistance, a screwed crown and case back, with a turning bezel for elapsed time measurements, are the typical features of these watches. The Casio delivers in all aspects. The bezel is 44mm wide. It is very tightly fitted and rotates with 120 clicks, feeling solid and accurate. Really remarkable in this price range. The black face of my version has a metallic sheen to it that is quite attractive. I opted for the rubber strap version that wears nicely over extended periods of time. A metal bracelet version of the MDV 106 is available, but I wanted to save the weight. 87 grams for the complete watch are quite comfortable. The mineral crystal is flat as opposed to the domed one of the discontinued MDV 102. The lume quality is also above average. It is not in the Seiko range, but some steps above the usual wanting Casio quality. My second hand tip is hitting right on the corresponding indices. Overall, I recommend this watch highly. I currently wear it every day and cannot find anything real to criticize on it. Here is a short video impression.


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