Boker Plus TUF

Overall length: 22,0 cm
Blade length: 11,5 cm
Weight: 134 g
Blade thickness: 3,1 mm
Blade material: 440C
Handle material: Cocobolo

I have my TUF for a few months now and use it mainly for day hikes or in the kitchen. In a pinch, it should also make a decent defensive knife though it is on the slippery side for that purpose. It reminds me a bit of the Spyderco Temperance 1st generation I once owned.

Overall, the workmanship is OK, but not first rate. The wood grips could be much better fitted to the tang and the polishing of the steel is only half heartedly done. The TUF is not an expensive knife, so one can live with imperfections.

It is lightweight and carries well inside the waistband due to the rounded off grip end that does not poke in your sides. I bought mine slightly used and it came with an extremely well done simple kydex sheath. I highly recommend that you have such a sheath made for yours as the leather affair that comes with the TUF is not satisfactory.

The biggest advantage of the TUF is that it does not scream “fighting knife” when you pull it out. Social acceptance is relatively high. If your local laws do not keep you from carrying a fixed blade concealed, this one might be for you.



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