Benchmade HK Instigator Snody knife


This Snody design remains my favorite neck knife of all time. Lean and mean, wharncliff style with a chisel grind, this AUS8 steel knife allows for a secure full hand grip and easy draw. The Zytel sheath that comes with it is not perfectly fitted, but carries the Instigator securely and makes lashing it to a vest or pack easy. For a time, I had the handle wrapped in paracord, but it has been removed again for a lower profile. The knife is marketed under the Heckler & Koch line these days and is made for Benchmade in Taiwan.


3 thoughts on “Benchmade HK Instigator Snody knife”

  1. well, a classic boot knife like the Gerber MK1 is usually quite a bit larger than a neck knife. but i would guess that “boot” knives are mostly carried inside the pants. the instigator is somewhere in between as it allows a full hand grip which many neckies do not. i would say that the labeling is the true difference most of the time.

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