Crusader Forge Fake Knife

Ripoffs of high-end knives keep getting better and therefore become harder to spot. Look at the enclosed pictures of this Crusader Forge Mini 02 “hommage”. Steel is 7Cr17 stainless, handle scales of G10, the sheath is thin Kydex. Workmanship is very decent, if not perfect. The knife comes shaving sharp out of the cheapest of cardboard boxes. I am not quite sure why the Chinese are sometimes choosing such rather exclusive knives like the CF as a basis for fakes. If someone sees it at an auction site for 40 or 50 dollars (which is what these seem to cost including postage from Hong Kong), he must be pretty aware of the fact that it cannot be the real thing. Keep your eyes open ! Extrema Ratio and Strider seem to be the brands copied most intensively, but they are reaching makers now that you would never have guessed.


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